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Oral Surgery in Evanston, IL

Cosmetic Dentist in Evanston, IL

If you hide your smile because of cracked, decayed, missing, or otherwise damaged teeth near Evanston, IL, we’d love to tell you how oral surgery can help you reclaim a strong, healthy smile. You might think that your teeth have been damaged beyond repair, but at Way Dental, even patients who are in need of extensive surgeries will find success with our full-mouth reconstruction services.

If your smile is missing teeth, we may recommend dental implants near Evanston, IL. We select only the highest quality materials for your dental restorations, and never place amalgam fillings or dental crowns that look dark and break down over time. Using dental implants, we can renew both your mouth and your self-esteem. You deserve to smile with confidence. Contact our state-of-the-art dental office in Evanston, IL to discover how we can make that happen.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Missing Multiple Teeth?

Missing All Your Teeth?

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Patients sometimes struggle with hearing news of dentistry needed, let us guide you through the path toward a healthy beautiful smile.

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