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Dental emergencies naturally happen without any warning. We offer emergency appointments in Evanston, IL to current or new patients. Our friendly team has extensive experience handling a variety of oral injuries and tooth pain. Putting off emergency care could result in additional damage to your mouth. Call us immediately and we will get you in our office quickly.*

* Limited weekend availability

Our Patients Love Our Gentle Approach

“Last year my wisdom teeth started coming in, and one tooth specifically was growing sideways. My gums were crazy swollen, and I was in so much pain. I did some research online and found Way Dental. I called the office in the morning hoping someone could at least take a look at my teeth. I was given an emergency visit within an hour, as a new patient! I’m so grateful I have a dental office I trust and appreciate.”

- Ena A.

“Recently I chipped a tooth and I was in pain. Dr. Andre was very detailed when he was examining my teeth and he gave me advise with other problems he found with my teeth. You can tell he cares about every single one of his patients and he loves what he does. Every procedure he did he was very professional, careful and best of all I felt zero pain. Dr. Andre is by far the best dentist I have ever visited hands down!”

- Esmeralda H.

“Way Dental is the best! I stumbled on them at the beginning of lockdown when I needed an emergency extraction. A full restoration later, I can confidently say this is the best team I’ve ever seen. I went from not knowing a day that my mouth wasn’t hurting in some fashion to barely remembering what tooth pain is. Andre and the Way team are the real deal!”

- David H.

“I was in an emergency situation and was trying to find a dentist ASAP. I called the office which was closed but Dr. Amarante called me right back and fit me in his schedule the next day. I wasn’t even his patient yet and he called me to make sure I was ok before I got in to see him. I’m so happy I found Way Dental. Thanks for the comforting experience Dr. Amarante. They definitely will be my dentist forever! Best dentist in Evanston by far.”

- Barbara P.

“I had 3 chipped tooth and I couldn’t smile in my photos and family gathering for years. I’m able to smile again today, thanks to Dr. Andre Amarante. He is really professional he did the filling on my tooth and they look like my original tooth. No one can even notice even if they standing right in front of me. I highly recommend way Dental. Thanks again!!!”

- Fahad J.

“My first contact with Way Dental was by an emergency, and the service and attention I receive was exceptional! from the front desk until the end of my treatment, everyone at the clinic was super friendly, polite, clear and professional! make you feel at home. I definitely recommend this place to everyone.”

- Carlos R.

Do You Have a Dental Emergency?

  • Toothaches
  • Swollen jaw relief
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Root canal therapy
  • Lost dental crown
  • Broken dental filling
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Chipped or cracked tooth

Why Is My Tooth Throbbing?

Toothache Relief in Evanston, IL

Did you brush, rinse and floss and it still hurts? Having a toothache is one of the worst kinds of pain to experience. Whether the pain is sharp and stabbing or dull and aching, it can interfere with your ability to eat, talk, and complete daily routines. We encourage you to call us immediately for an emergency dental appointment in Evanston, IL. Even if you can’t see anything wrong with your tooth, there may still be a cavity or infection causing the pain.

Do You Have a Tooth Pain?

Root Canal Therapy in Evanston, IL

If you have swelling of the gums and face, increased sensitivity to temperature, and severe toothache, you might have a root canal infection. Please call us immediately and schedule an emergency appointment at Way Dental in Evanston, IL. If you wait too long or leave it untreated, the infection can result in abscesses and, ultimately, tooth loss.

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Do You Have a Loose Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Evanston, IL

Some cases in which a tooth might require extraction are blocking other teeth from coming in, not leaving space for orthodontic treatment, or has deteriorated beyond repair. Our virtually painless emergency dentistry in Evanston, IL, uses the newest dental technology and anesthetics to help you relax during the procedure. Call us today and schedule an emergency appointment if you need a wisdom tooth extraction in Evanston, IL.

Did Your Tooth Get Knocked Out?

Traumatic Injuries in Evanston, IL

Was your tooth accidentally dislodged? Please call our emergency dentistry in Evanston, IL, and schedule a same-day appointment today. With proper emergency action, a tooth that has been knocked out can be replaced into the socket and last for years. Our experienced dentists are trained to help save your tooth.

Do You Have a Chipped Tooth?

Cracked Teeth in Evanston, IL

Fractures or cracks can occur rapidly or slowly over some time. This can be painless for the patient or can cause severe discomfort. Schedule an emergency appointment in Evanston, IL, if you feel you have a cracked or chipped tooth. Our emergency dentists will examine your teeth and find the crack's location and severity to determine the course of action for the tooth.

Why Choose Way Dental?

Dr. Andre Amarante

Dr. Amarante truly cares about his patients. His attention to detail, his conservative approach and his gentle demeanor ensure that every patient will feel confident is his dental skills and of course leave with a beautiful SMILE!

Dental Technology

We love technology, and you will love it too. Convenient scanners, low radiation X-rays, and intraoral cameras will make you feel comfortable and help Dr. Amarante diagnose an emergency treatment plan you may need.

Inhaled Sedation Dentistry

Our friendly and experienced dental team understands that many patients are hesitant about dental visits due to anxiety or fears. Different levels of inhaled sedation allow Dr. Amarante to treat you in a manner that you find comfortable.

Our Dental Office

Now more than ever, you need to feel confident in your healthcare choices. We built our new office from the ground up to create a clean and comfortable setting for all your dental needs. We have taken the utmost care in order to ensure our office provides a truly safe and professional dental experience.

Flexible Payment Options in Evanston, IL

No Insurance? No Problem!

Less than $1 a day to keep a healthy mouth!

Ask our team members about our affordable financing options and In-house Savings Plan.

Way Dental is not contracted with public aid insurance, but we offer our In-house Savings Plan to help our patients.

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